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Claim Requirements

Insured Claim Requirements
1. Collision
• Maritime Accident Report Claim Form
• Estimate/Statement of Repairs
• VAT letter (Available at the VAT office @ Lower St. Vincent St. P.O.S.). Requirements:
o Completion of VAT 605 Form
o Insured’s B.I.R. #

2. Write Off/Total Loss
• Recent Certified Copy of Ownership (within last 6 months)
• Insurance Certificate and Affidavits
• Two (2) forms of I.D. (I.D. card/Driver’s Permit/Passport)
• All keys (if necessary)
• Two (2) signed transfer forms (if necessary) – stamped in the case of a company
• Letter authorising person to conduct/transfer (if company)

3. Fire and Theft
Where a loss results from either Fire or Theft, the following steps should be taken:

Theft Claims
• Incident must be reported to the Police Authorities immediately with full particulars
• Report matter to your Insurance Company
• Insurers would have the matter investigated
• Documents required would be as follows: VAT Letter, Certified Copy of Ownership and 2 forms of Identification
• Two (2) signed & stamped transfer forms
• Keys, if not stolen with vehicle
• Insurance certificate or affidavit (if certificate is stolen)
• Letter authorising individual to transfer – in the case of a company

Fire Claims - Where the loss results from Fire, the procedures involving Comprehensive cover should be followed.

1. If you are at fault in the accident:
o The resultant damage to your vehicle is for your own account
o Refer all persons including passengers who have suffered injury following the accident to your Insurance Company

2. If you are not at fault in the accident:
o Obtain a detailed estimate of the cost of repairs to your vehicle
o Obtain a letter from your own Insurance Company confirming the type of coverage held on your vehicle
o Submit your claim (Estimate and Letter) to the Insurance Company of the negligent party for settlement
o Documents required for processing of your claim would be as follows: VAT Letter, Certified Copy of Ownership and 2 forms of Identification