Motor Claims made easier with ForenSys


With ForenSys, your motor claims process just got easier. ForenSys provides incident and accident management services  free of charge to you through the following:

  • Collection of written and verbal statements from drivers and witnesses
  • Capturing damages of the incident, accident and damage to property through photography                                                                                           
  • Making copies of relevant documents such as Driver’s Permits and Certificates of insurance

The information is immediately made available to Maritime.

Note: A Client or their authorized driver should call ForenSys for any incident which involves the motor vehicle where damage has occurred. This is not limited to collisions only, but may include a shattered windscreen or theft of a vehicle.

How to report an accident?

As soon as you get into an accident contact the following:

  1. Contact ForenSys at 866-8888
  2. If vehicle needs to be towed or shuttle service is required, call TCM (applicable to Comprehensive AutoMax Clients)
  3. Make official police report
  4. Submit Maritime claims form where applicable and estimate for repairs to Maritime (via email or in person)