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Dear Maritime Family,

We are family and we are in this together!

Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) is changing the way we work, interact and how we live our lives. Although Covid-19 seems to be primarily impacting the health of the elderly and persons with underlying health issues, it affects all of us and we are all in this together. It is our responsibility to limit direct person-to-person interactions and do our part to reduce the spread of the disease and the pressure on the health care system

I hope that you will read this entire letter, however, if that is not possible, I have highlighted key areas that may be of interest to you.

The impact on the global economy, and that of Trinidad and Tobago, is inevitable but this will pass. While the recovery will not likely be immediate, history has shown that business has a track record of surviving harsh times.

Maritime Life and its subsidiaries have endured and persevered for decades as a Trinidad and Tobago company. Maritime Life celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2021! We have been through every crisis since our nation’s independence and continue to live up to our promise of Strength On Your Side. We will continue to take care of our Team Members and Clients and manage our business always looking ahead to a brighter future.

The purpose of our organisation is simple:
  • Serve our Team Members, our Clients and our community
  • Learn something everyday
  • Seek innovation and excellence in everything we do
Decisions are easier when we keep these guidelines in the forefront.

I saw a recent social media post how we can help our local companies and small businesses by buying gift vouchers. This provides some cash flow to sustain small business owners and is a powerful gesture. To be even more effective, you can pass these vouchers on to persons that may be in need of these services now.  I believe this is a great cause for The Maritime Financial Group to rally around. We have always had a policy of purchasing goods and services from our Clients, but given the current situation we will do our part by making advance purchases to assist our Clients and the community.

Our Team Members are Online!

Our Team Members are the lifeblood of our organisation. Indeed, they keep us moving forward. They are dedicated to serving our Clients and we have a responsibility to keep them safe. They are our heroes, continuously going the extra mile on the frontline, to serve. Because of the need for social distancing, we have launched several online channels so that our Clients can continue to do business with us remotely, with ease. You can chat with us, receive quotes, apply for new polices, review/increase existing coverage and benefits, pay your premiums, pay instalments, receive claims payments or simply ask about your business with us. Further particulars are set out at the bottom of this letter. I am pleading with you to please make every attempt to use these channels to reduce your need to visit our Service Centres, as we are encouraged to practice stricter safe distancing.

Support for Clients

We are here for you. Many of you may find yourselves in a difficult position and may be unable to make premium payments or pay the instalment on your loan or mortgage. On a case by case basis, we are implementing the following measures:
  • Life Insurance and Annuity Clients (Triflex, Ordinary Life, Triflex Annuity, Term Policies) - Many of your life insurance policies have cash values that you may use to keep your coverage in force. Once there is available cash value, you can opt to temporarily stop your premium payment, without risk of your policy lapsing and coverage being lost. Please call us or speak with your Financial Advisor to enquire about this option. In the event that your life insurance policies do not have the cash value option, we can advance premiums through our non-bank financial institution, Fidelity Finance. This would also be applicable to annuities. As a last resort you can stop payments on your policy and reinstate within three months from now. However underwriting conditions may apply. For our existing Clients who are in receipt of a pension monthly, we will continue to provide you with uninterrupted service.
  • General Insurance Clients (Home, Motor, Liability) - Each case will need to be assessed on its own circumstances and will be subject to Central Bank’s blessing to defer payment for a period of time. Please make this request through your Financial Advisor or our Client Relations Unit. All of our Clients also have the option to finance their premium over a 12 month period and we would consider giving a moratorium on the first few payments. For any new Clients, you have the option of premium financing your entire premium. Please note that you should be in good standing with the company but we will make every attempt to help all Clients.
  • Loans and Mortgages - For our business Clients that are in good standing, we will consider deferring payments for a period of time on request or advancing your instalments that would be financed over the term of the loan. For individuals that have been retrenched from their job or are owners of a business that has been impacted by Covid-19, we will consider deferring payments for a period of time on request or advancing your instalments that would be financed over the term of the loan. For businesses and individuals that may not be in good standing, we know that circumstances are extreme and we will continue to work with you.
Our Community is Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is our home and the people of Trinidad and Tobago are our family. The Maritime Financial Group has a deep commitment to our community and to our country.  I can only imagine the difficulties that many of the Non Profit Organisations that we partner with are facing.

As such we will be pledging the next two years’ donations over the remainder of 2020.

We are here for you and we are in this together. If you need help, please reach out to your Financial Advisor or contact our Client Relations Unit.  Below are links to information and to our digital channels.

Remember that with Maritime you will always have Strength On Your Side.

Ready to Serve You Digitally  

Andrew Ferguson, Bsc, CPCU, ARe, FLMI, AFSB
Chairman, CEO


Client Relations Unit - 674 1617
: @maritimefinancial
: @maritimefinancial