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Contractor's All Risk

Maritime General offers you the choice of two policies that will adequately protect you and your business ensuring that you can fulfil your contractual obligations.

Machinery or Electronic Equipment All Risk Policy:
This policy protects you in cases of accidental damage to your equipment or its breakdown.

Contractors or Erection All Risk Policy:
As a contractor, you are able to fulfil your contractual obligations by having the contract works and liability protected.

This policy offers comprehensive cover for your construction project that includes property and liability coverage all in one.

This policy covers:
  • Material Damage

  • Covers against sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to building and civil works (furniture and appliances, household goods)

  • Third Party Liability

  • Covers liability in the case of accidental death, bodily injury or illness to the third party

  • Covers liability in the case of accidental damage to property belonging to the third party in connection with ongoing works

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