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TRIflex Annuity Gold – Individual Plan

How does TRIflex Annuity Gold work?

The TRIflex Annuity Gold premium payments are flexible and can be customized throughout the term of the policy based on what stage of life you are in and your investment preference.

Why choose TRIflex Annuity Gold?


Set aside money that can be used to provide a lifetime stream of income after you retire.


In the event that you die before you begin receiving your income stream, a return of contributions made or the fund value (whichever is greater) will be payable to your family/estate. Additionally, a Waiver of Premium option is available. This is an additional benefit that pays your contributions if you become disabled and unable to pay your contributions.


Enjoy triple compound interest accumulation:
• Interest on your contributions
• Interest on the interest
• Interest on the tax deferral amounts


The option of a 25% lump-sum amount at retirement can be used for multiple purposes, for example, to liquidate loans, pay for your child’s education, health care, start a business, interest income or family vacation.