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Whole Life Insurance - Ordinary Life Non Par

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life or Ordinary Life insurance is permanent life insurance. As with all life insurance plans, the death benefit from this policy is transferred to the named beneficiaries upon the insured’s passing. However, Whole/Ordinary Life policies come with extra benefits. These policies accumulate a cash value that can be accessed during your lifetime.

This policy remains in force until the insured’s death once monthly premiums are up to date and once any indebtedness on the policy does not exceed the cash value. While the policy is in force, the policyholder may surrender and receive any accumulated cash value of the policy (less any indebtedness present at the time).

Why do you need permanent or whole life insurance?

• You want to protect the lifestyle your income provides for your family. If two incomes are involved, consider protecting both of them.
• You want to help ensure a child or grandchild can attend college whether you live or die.
• You need to accumulate money to supplement retirement income.
• You want to provide for a dependent with special needs.
• You want to replace the contributions of a non-working spouse.
• You want to provide an inheritance for the people or organization you care about.

Which plan is right for you?

Ordinary Life Non Par Basic
• Accumulated Cash Values
• Fixed premiums throughout the lifetime of the policy
• Fixed sum assured throughout the duration of the policy

Ordinary Life Non Par Enhanced
• Higher Accumulated Cash Values
• Fixed premiums throughout the lifetime of the policy
• Sum assured increases at the 11th and 21st policy year anniversaries

Add any of the following Riders to your policy for extra coverage...

• Accidental Death
• Admed
• Accidental Indemnity Rider
• Dread Disease Accelerated Rider
• Level Term
• Mortgage Protection Plan
• Retrenchment
• Waiver of Premium on Death or Disability of Applicant
• Waiver of Premium
• C-Life: Critical Illness

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