Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about the Maritime Client Card?

With the Maritime Client card you can shop, save and earn points today!

Earn POINTS by shopping at these select locations: Food Giant Supermarket, Food Giant Café, Food Giant Green Café and Giant Grillhouse.

With every $10 you spend you get 1.5 points PLUS double and triple points on Food Giant Plus-Points Specials.

You can SHOP and SAVE by going to any one of our Client Card Discount Partners who provide great deals just for YOU!

View our current Client Card Discount Partners here
I have enough points! Where can I redeem?
You can redeem points at The Food Giant Supermarket
Where can I receive discounts?
Our Client Card Discount Partner Network consists of several retailers across Trinidad and Tobago. Check out our current Client Card Discount Partners here
What discounts do I receive?
Discounts vary partner to partner. For a specific list, go check out our Client Card Discount Partners here
If I lose my client card will all my points be lost?
No, your points are secured. Your existing number will be duplicated on your new card.
How soon will I receive my Client Card?
Within 2 weeks
What happens if I lose my Client Card?
Replacement cards are available at a cost of $25. Please request your replacement card from your Financial Advisor or at Food Giant Supermarket.
Who do I contact if I lose my Card?
You can contact Food Giant Supermarket at 674-9184 or your Financial Advisor. Please fill out the Replacement Card Form and submit to the front desk at Food Giant Supermarket or submit to your Financial Advisor.
Does the Maritime Client Card work as my Insurance Card?
No. The Maritime Client Card is a benefits card and has no relation to Insurance policies.
Do I pay for my Client Card?
No. Applying for a Client card is free of charge once you are a Client of the Maritime Financial Group or shop at The Food Giant Supermarket.
I just received my card can I use it right away?
Yes. Your barcode number is already activated
I am Preferred Client. Am I eligible for a Maritime Client Card?
Yes. Clients who are a part of the Preferred Client Network may be eligible for further benefits from Food Giant Supermarket, including 10% discounts on all items on delivery services.
Can my family members also receive these benefits?
Yes. You have the option of including up to three family members on the application form to receive a Client Card.