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December 2, 2020
You’re Looking For a New Job, Now What…
You’re Looking For a New Job, Now What…
February 9, 2021
Who doesn’t want to make a little extra money? Whether you’re saving for a serious goal or you just want to have a little more spending money this month, whether you’re willing to invest a ton of time and energy into a serious side hustle or there are only ten spare minutes in your day, there are options to consider.

Make money off your creativity

If you’ve got a talent, like photography or writing or painting, then you can make some extra money selling your creations. This can be as large scale or as small scale as you want. Maybe you sell a few personalized Christmas cards to people closest to you. Maybe you start a jewellery line and sell it in local stores. The great thing about this option is you’ll be making money doing something you love.

Offer mobile services

You may have read #1 and thought, great I don’t have any creative skills to monetize. But there are mobile services you can offer; you can drive to clients’ houses and offer to walk their pets, wash their cars or mow their lawn. Again, the scale totally depends on you. You can reach out to one neighbour and paint their house for some extra change.

Sell things

A lot of us have clothes we no longer wear, books we no longer need or an old phone that’s just sitting in a drawer since we bought a new one. Selling these items can declutter our homes and earn some spare change. Or maybe you’ve got quite a few fruit trees and uneaten fruits lie rotting in your yard. You can sell those fruits or even bottle fresh juice.


COVID-19 means that many more people work at home, often without childcare. Maybe you can go to a friend or family member’s home to look after their child during certain hours; just remember to observe the safety protocols!

Become an influencer

Don’t roll your eyes! Instagram influencer marketing is a $1.7 billion with a “B” industry. Maybe you already have a large social media following that you can use to advertise brands. However, if not, you can start a social media profile targeting a particular niche. Being an influencer means you have to produce regular content and engage with your followers. Even micro-influencers can get paid to post on social media or earn money based on the number of people who use their discount codes to purchase a particular item.


We’ve written about the different ways you can turn money that’s just sitting in a savings account into an asset that rolls up its sleeves and earns more money. This passive income means that you can be making money even while you’re sleeping.

Partner with a small business

Many small businesses may not be able to hire people in full-time positions, but they may be open to hiring freelancers or consultants. For example, there’s a bakery on your street that wants to build its social media presence. Chances are the bakery can’t hire a full-time social media manager. However, you can agree to do this job for a fixed number of hours or design a certain number of social media campaigns. Both you and the bakery will benefit!

We hope this blog shows you that there are so many options open. Perhaps you’ll try one of these side hustles and one day it will become your full-time job or even a large-scale enterprise! And even if you start small, a few hours spent freelancing or some savvy investing may be all you need to meet your financial goals.