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Imagine, you’ve just had a car accident. Why did this have to happen now? You feel shocked, frightened and sad. Sure, you’re OK but you’re worried about the damage to your vehicle. Under all this stress, you’re not thinking straight. What do you do next? Do you have access to any special services?

This is why it’s a good idea to have a plan of action before an accident happens to you. Let’s look at what you should do in the aftermath of an accident.


Even if the accident is minor, you should never just drive away. Instead, find a safe space to pull aside.

Contact ForenSys at 866-8888

car accidentIt’s critical to record the facts of the accident, especially because this makes processing your motor claims easier. But you’ve just had a crash, you’re too stressed to note all the details correctly. That’s why ForenSys provides incident and accident management, free of charge. In the case of an accident, an unbiased damage expert will come to the crash and register the accident.

This includes:

  • Collecting written and verbal statements from drivers and witnesses
  • Taking pictures of the accident as well as any damage to property
  • Producing a situation sketch
  • Making copies of relevant documents such as driver’s permits and certificates of insurance.

This information will immediately be made available to Maritime so that we can get to work on processing your claim.

Unfortunately, there are other ways to damage your vehicle besides an accident. What if your windscreen is shattered? What if (knock on wood) your vehicle is stolen? In any instance where your car is damaged or missing, you can still call on ForenSys.

If your car needs to be towed or if you need shuttle service, contact TCM

car accidentThe last thing you need after an accident is more stress. Maritime Comprehensive AutoMax Clients can call TCM for roadside assistance instead of having to wonder how they’re going to move their vehicle from this busy intersection. TCM boasts an average response time of 30 minutes to all accident emergency callouts; so you won’t be waiting too long for assistance.

Make an official police report

This is an important part of making sure that the accident is documented and all parties are protected. You don’t know what the other person involved in the accident may do or say afterwards and a police report will provide an accurate record of details.

Submit the relevant documents

Where necessary, you should submit Maritime claim forms as well as estimates for repairs – via email to maritimefinancial.com or in person. Motor Vehicle Insurance Forms are available on our website, although we sincerely hope you won’t have to use them!

Imagine again: you’ve just had a car accident. It doesn’t have to be as shocking, frightening and sad as you thought. Hopefully, this action plan will help to reduce stress and get you driving again soon!