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ADmed Claims

ADmed Claims

Please Note:

The claimant is the insured.
The attending physician or surgeon is the doctor who attended to the insured.
Hospital Diagnostic Claims
• It is recommended that you call the ADmed Unit at 62-Admed (622-3633) for Prior Approval, on week days between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

• For Prior Approval, we require a letter from the referring physician stating the Client’s ailment(s), the name of the test(s) and the hospital at which test(s) will be done. This letter can be emailed and or faxed to the ADmed Department at 675-7485. This information will be reviewed and a letter emailed and or faxed to the hospital stating the amount ADmed will cover.

• Maritime will fax the Prior Approval Form within 24 hours
Note: For Diagnostics, outside of an Accident or Emergency, the Client must be admitted at a hospital as an inpatient (must have an overnight stay) on an approved doctor’s recommendation in order to qualify for this benefit.

Surgical Claims
• For Prior Approval, we require a letter from the Attending Physician or Surgeon stating Client’s ailment(s), the exact surgical procedure to be done and the estimated cost.

Accident and Emergency Claims
• Maritime Life (Caribbean) Limited will pay the first 48 hours of expenses for Accident/Emergency cases up to a maximum level of Benefit per policy year.

• For Accident and Emergency Services between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m., weekends and Public holidays, Maritime guarantees payment to the extent of the contract benefit as stated above.

• The Hospital will be responsible for collecting any fees beyond the contract benefit payable.


ADmed Forms:
ADmed Claimant’s Statement
ADmed Statement of Attending Physician or Surgeon

For personal ADmed Claims Service, contact:

NameContact NumberEmail address
Margaret Trestrail(868) 674 0130 Ext.
Cheryl Ann Sylvester(868) 674 0130 Ext.
Sparkle Braithwaite(868) 674 0130 Ext. 2140
Annalisa Fournillier-Barran(868) 674 0130 Ext. 2155