Responsible Business

Maritime is committed to executing its business in ways that benefit our stakeholders, including but not limited to: our people, our shareholders, our Clients and our communities. We strive to make all business decisions with social, economic, environmental and ethical considerations in mind.

For Maritime, being a responsible business is premised on:

Providing top class service to our clients
Conducting all business ethically
Aiming to be the employer of choice
Satisfying shareholder expectations
Compliance with environmental standards
Making investments which enable young people to thrive

Maritime’s Social Investment Strategy


To create a future in which every child can thrive


We are committed to improving the lives of children in Trinidad and Tobago. We make a difference by building capacity in organisations and people, helping them secure brighter futures for themselves and the next generation.


We will achieve our Vision & Mission by:

Focusing our efforts on social and environmental issues that are both critical to the development of young people and relevant to our business.
Applying the full range of resources at our disposal.
Getting our people involved through general and skilled volunteering.
Respecting, engaging and learning from the communities we operate in.
Measuring and reporting our progress.
Entering multi-year partnerships with organizations that specialise in our chosen focus areas, to build their capacity.

What's New

September 14, 2020

The Gift of Sight

This is the story of 14-year-old Juel, a young man with a family history of eye problems. Two of his brothers suffer from monocular vision while his mother lives with complete retinal detachment. Juel seemed to have escaped from such issues. However, when he was nine years old, one eye was damaged in a classroom accident.