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Motor Claims

At the scene of the accident
• Assist any injured person
• Where possible, mark the positions of the vehicles involved by outlining the positions of the tyres on the road
• Take photos of the damaged vehicles at accident site prior to moving, if possible

• Obtain the following information in respect to the other vehicle:
o The registration number
o Insurance certificate and policy numbers
o The policy holder’s name
o The policy expiry date
o Name of the Insurance Company on the Certificate of Insurance
o Name and address of the driver
o Names and address of any passenger or injured person (indicating the nature of the injury where possible)

• If possible, take a photo of the other party’s insurance certificate and driver’s permit
• Note the names and contact information of any person who may have witnessed the accident
• DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY; however, you should provide details about yourself and your insurance coverage to the other parties
• Report the accident to the relevant Police Station as soon as possible and note the name and badge number of the Investigating Officer
• If required, accompany the police to the scene of the accident and note any measurements that they take
• Do not accept any payments from the other party which, legally, will affect our ability to recover any monies due to you from the other party’s insurer.

After the accident
• Promptly report the accident to your insurance company regardless of which type of coverage you have and whether you were at fault or not. A phone call giving details is not considered a report.
• Complete and sign the Accident Report Form and supply all relevant information as soon as possible
• Get estimates for repairs
• Keep records of any expenses incurred as a result of the accident as it may be recoverable under your policy

After filing the claim
• We will appoint an independent adjuster to survey your vehicle and take photos of the damage
• The adjuster will advise of their findings
• On receipt of the adjuster’s findings we will contact you to discuss settlement. Please note that the adjuster’s finding may take up to 2 weeks

On settling the claim, the following, additional information may be required and therefore you should try and have it handy to expedite processing:

If the Vehicle is to be Repaired
• Estimate for repairs
• VAT letter (available at the VAT office at lower St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain) Requirement: VAT 605 Form, which requires your BIR number

If the Vehicle is to be Written Off
• Recent certified copy of ownership (within the last 6 months)
• Insurance certificate or affidavit (if certificate is not available)
• Two (2) forms of valid ID (ID Card/Driver’s Permit/Passport). Please ensure that the ID has not expired
• All keys (if necessary)
• Two (2) signed transfer forms (if necessary) – stamped in the case of company transfers
• Letter authorizing person to conduct/transfer of the ownership of the vehicle if you elect to not retain the wreck (if company)

Third Party Coverage
If you were at fault:
• Complete and sign the Accident Report Form and supply all relevant information as soon as possible
• Refer all injured parties arising from the accident to us
• Kindly advise other drivers involved in the accident to report to their respective insurers

If you were not at fault:
• Complete and sign the Accident Report Form and supply all relevant information as soon as possible
• Maritime General will provide a letter confirming the type of coverage on your vehicle. You have the right to claim against the insurer of the party responsible for your damages

Windscreen Claims

Windshield glass coverage extends to accidental damage to the glass components of your vehicle such as the front windscreen, rear windscreen, and windows. A dollar value limit for the duration of the policy period is given under your policy. Please ensure that you confirm the limit that you enjoy prior to the loss. When there is a windshield claim it is important to do the following:

• Complete and sign the Windscreen Report Form
• Obtain an estimate for the repairs or replacement of the glass from your desired repairer
• Present your vehicle to any of the Maritime General office locations for inspection
If a third party was responsible for the damage caused it is important to file a police report so that Maritime General can recover and therefore protect any applicable discounts.

Emergency Situations

We understand that sometimes it may not be safe or prudent for you to delay replacing your glass. In that case please inform our claims department and use the following procedure:

• Please report accident to the police if a third party is involved
• Obtain an estimate for the repairs
• Complete and sign Windscreen Report Form
• Obtain the bill from the repairers
• Obtain a VAT Letter
• Provide all documentation and present vehicle for inspection at Maritime Offices, Client Benefit, Claims Service.

Contact our windscreen claims representative:

Mr. Vivian Cumberbatch
(868) 674-0138 ext. 2164
Contact Client Benefit Claims
For Client Benefit Claims Service, please contact the following:
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Mr. Vivian Cumberbatch (868) 674-0138 ext. 2170