TRIflex Annuity

TRIflex Annuity

TRIflex Annuity

Get triple the benefits with TRIflex Annuity

An annuity is a financial product that allows you to pay premiums and then receive regular or lump sum payments in the future, upon maturity of the plan or at retirement. A registered annuity means that the plan is approved by The Board of Inland Revenue and contributions are exempt from income tax up to specific maximum amounts per year.

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There are no fees or administrative charges on premiums paid. 100% of your premiums will be working for you from your first deposit!


Take control of your investments and customize your plan to suit your needs. You have a choice of 3 investments funds among which you may allocate your
premiums: a Government Bond Fund, a Corporate Bond and Mortgage Fund, and a Property and Equity Fund


At maturity, you may request your funds to be transferred to any other Company that is registered to sell annuities for the purchase of your benefits.