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Life Insurance with savings

Life Insurance with Savings is an investment-linked plan that combines accumulated investment returns with term life insurance coverage up to age sixty-five (65).

The main features of the plan include the following:

• A choice of 3 Funds in which you can invest your premiums:
• Bond Fund(least-risk)
• Mortgage Fund (moderate risk)
• Property and Equity Fund (higher risk)

• Policy Values (sum of the individual Fund Policy Values) vary with the performance of the funds in which premiums are invested
• Each Fund is credited with compound interest monthly
• Loans can be made against the Cash Value in the Mortgage and Bond Funds
• No loans can be made against the Property and Equity Fund
• Policy can be used as collateral security for loans, mortgages, children’s education and other needs
• The policy matures at the policy anniversary nearest your 65th birthday
• The Maturity Benefit shall be the Policy Value at the maturity date.
• The Death Benefit shall be the sum of all future basic premiums payable up to age 65, together with the Policy Value at the date of death.

The TRIflex insurance plan is not a mutual fund, collective investment scheme, or fixed deposit, but rather provides critical life insurance coverage, especially while the investment funds are accumulating interest.